piece of ground

piece of ground
an extended area of land
Syn: ↑tract, ↑piece of land, ↑parcel of land, ↑parcel
Derivationally related forms: ↑parcel (for: ↑parcel)
baseball diamond, ↑diamond, ↑infield, ↑center field, ↑centerfield, ↑center, ↑left field, ↑leftfield, ↑left, ↑outfield, ↑right field, ↑rightfield, ↑right, ↑short, ↑yard, ↑railway yard, ↑railyard, ↑desert, ↑oasis, ↑battlefield, ↑battleground, ↑field of battle, ↑field of honor, ↑field, ↑minefield, ↑breeding ground, ↑clearing, ↑glade, ↑field of fire, ↑grounds, ↑playing field, ↑athletic field, ↑playing area, ↑industrial park, ↑grassland, ↑mud flat, ↑parade ground, ↑fairground, ↑midway, ↑fairway, ↑park, ↑parkland, ↑commons, ↑common, ↑green, ↑picnic area, ↑picnic ground, ↑public square, ↑square, ↑toll plaza, ↑range, ↑sector, ↑site, ↑land site, ↑subdivision, ↑mine field, ↑terrain, ↑plot, ↑plot of land, ↑plot of ground, ↑patch, ↑lot

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